Control: 10 Things to Consider When Publishing a Novel on Amazon…

  1. Write a novel about something you care deeply about. I really love writing about teen superheroes fighting countless bad guys and saving lives. I obsess about it constantly, think about it in my head all day long, and love reading about it and watching television shows and movies about teenagers in trouble. I write about that because of that — not because I think that it will sell. Write about your passions — not something you think will sell. Write a novel.
  2. Rewrite your novel over and over. I usually have four or five drafts of my novels. This novel required four drafts to get right, but I recommend five drafts. Printing it out and writing on the manuscript with a pen is a good trick. Another method is to read the entire book aloud to listen to how it sounds. These can make rewriting easier. I did both for this novel. Rewrite your novel several times, showing it to other people and asking them for input several times through the process.
  3. Copyright your novel with the American copyright office to prove that you have written your novel. This takes a few minutes and costs $65.00 or so. It’s essential to make certain that your novel can’t be stolen.
  4. Pay an artist — I use fiverr — to make a compelling and beautiful cover for your novel. Make sure your name and the title are prominently displayed on the cover. I spend maybe $60 on my cover. Spend a reasonable amount on yours.
  5. Write a compelling paragraph about your book to sell it. Then write a second one. The first paragraph will appear on amazon when one clicks on the book and considers buying it. The second one will appear on other websites to convince the reader to go to your amazon site. Both of these paragraphs need to be flawless.
  6. Publish your book on amazon on Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s what everyone uses. Upload your manuscript. List a couple of categories for your book. Show your brilliant cover you had made. Type up your brilliant blurb paragraph describing your book. Pick 70% for royalties and sign up for Kindle Unlimited.
  7. Relax and enjoy that you have published a novel. Congratulations! You have done something very difficult. Wonderful job. Now you need to advertise it.
  8. Write blog entries about your book and mention it in them.
  9. Write fan fiction about your favorite fictional universes. At the top of the story tell readers to consider your novels.
  10. Advertise with kindle’s ad service. It’s not very good in my experience, but it’s a chance to get the word out. Try to figure out how to advertise and get the word out and make a profit.
  11. Sell to websites that publish cheap e-books, like awesome gang, or freeboosky, or bargain booksy, or the like. They charge small amounts of money for excellent recognition. They will advertise your book for money. This is a good deal.



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Daniel Trump

Daniel Trump

Dalton Lewis wrote a military SF about spaceships battling.