Control: Can’t Leave My Home…

I, Dalton Lewis, can leave my home — for walks. I can’t go to a restaurant except for drive-thru. I can’t go anywhere else — I might die. Phillip thinks that I am at a high risk of death if I contract the super psycho death virus known as Covid-19. Around two thousand people are dying every day in the United States of America from this virus. There are around one hundred thousand people in an American hospital because of Covid right now.

That’s way too many. People gather. People go to work. People go to restaurants. That gets them sick. People party for Thanksgiving in groups of ten or more. That gets them sick. People travel on airplanes or buses and go to hotels. That gets them sick. They don’t understand to wear masks when outside or among crowds. That gets them sick.

Is this imprisonment? It isn’t, right? It feels like it, though. It feels like the good people are sitting at home doing nothing and being responsible — to not give this to our parents or grandparents. It feels like the bad people are going around partying and playing board game tournaments and the like and getting each other sick — and then getting us sick.

I should be better off than most while staying at home — I’m a writer and can write from home. I can read books from home. I can watch television and movies from home. I have the capacity to do that. I just feel like the world is stopped by this, and it feels like an imprisonment: it feels like we are restricted from doing many of our favorite activities. I just think that the world is in a giant metaphorical time-out.

When will this end? I am not qualified to guess that. The vaccines are being developed as fast as the companies can make and test them. I don’t want a bad vaccine being distributed and killing thousands of people — or more. I want for them to do it right. I do understand that my parents and I might die from this if we get it. I am forty-something and overweight, and my parents are in their seventies. We might die if we get it, and more and more of the population is getting it.

The worst problem of all? Stupidity and ignorance. Stupid ignorant people giving the virus to dozens of people out of ignorance and fear. I can’t believe that people had covid parties to see who would get it — or that college campuses are operating pretty much as normal. I can’t believe that people still fly or go to the movies. I don’t understand.

Sal knows someone who died from it. Some of the games store employees got it. Sal got it. The president got it, and so did his lawyer, apparently. People are getting it. They are getting it and are giving it to other people. I understand — people want lives. They are getting bored and restless of this nonsense, sitting at home, doing nothing but working and watching boring television for hours on end. I get that. We just have to push on — continue to isolate until this vaccine comes out and fixes everything. Okay?

Thanks, and take care, friends.


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