Control: Dear Mr. President…

I, Dalton Lewis, thought that the president, Donald Trump, should know that the Congressional building is a building which represents the American government. It’s an American building. It represents us. You shouldn’t want to attack your own government. These are your employees and co-workers. You should be working with them, not against them.

Why do you think that the Democrats are your enemies? I don’t understand. We’re all Americans. We all love the United States of America. We all want the best for our country. So why does this mean that the president of the country wants to attack his own Congress? A Congress with which he does not get along? I don’t agree with impeachment, but I am ashamed of you, Mr. President.

Let’s talk about the good for a minute, though. We had exactly zero global thermonuclear war incidents during your presidency so far. That’s great! I’m quite proud of you, Mr. President, for not nuking the planet or the Russians or the North Koreans or Ibiza or something. I mean, I would almost understand nuking Ibiza — it’s just pretty young partyers who have too high an opinion of their bodies. They won’t be missed — or, rather, they will. Pretty people are beloved by society. They will be considered great and mourned desperately by society. Sorry that I digress a little.

Back to the central idea — Mr. President, you have a chance to look at your legacy. What will people remember about the presidency of Donald Trump? I think that they will remember the dismantling of healthcare for all. I think that you will be known for getting impeached — now maybe twice! You pardoned a bunch of people, I guess. I remember that. You wanted a wall between us and the scary people from Mexico. They’re scary and different, huh? We’ve gotta seal the wall and keep them out. Hashtag sarcasm.

We are not your enemy. The Latino Americans — not your enemy. Those hated Democrats — they aren’t your enemies, either. They just want more health care and education and less military spending and maybe higher taxes. They aren’t trying to blow up your yacht or poison your water supply. They’re people. Having a mob attack the Capitol was a mistake. They attacked the Capitol! This clearly wasn’t your intent, but you have to be careful.

You are known, Mr. President, for saying outrageous and ridiculous things. Occasionally these are taken seriously. That leads to disasters like this one or by racists following you and saying how great you are. I know that you don’t like or want that.

Covid-19! Your nemesis, the coronavirus, has defeated you in every conceivable way. Covid killed hundreds of thousands of Americans after you dismissed it as a minor threat, a weak enemy from the bottom of the rogues gallery. You then failed to stop it from spreading and failed to keep the economy strong in the face of this disaster.

You also had to deal with racist cops working for you and shooting innocent black people. The black people then got correctly mad at the systemic racism which still exists fifty years after the death of MLK Jr. Fifty years and minimal improvements! This is unacceptable, and these cops, sir, are your employees. You are responsible for their behavior. You are responsible for these racist attacks because you have not done enough to stop them.

Overall the country is in a rough spot — you can act with integrity in the rest of your time and life, or you can scream and rant and get into more trouble throwing a shitfit because things don’t go your way. You can choose.

Thanks, and take care, friends.


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