Control: Four Best and Worst Memories From Drinking…

  1. The first time: that was amazing. I stood there, in college, in Stanley Seven, with Gilbert and our friend Horse. Horse was explaining to us that we should try drinking. “You’re a writer, right?” he said. “You want to live your life not having this experience?” Gilbert and I each drank a shot from a double-shot glass. I needed a chaser. I immediately felt a whoosh in my chest and head. We had a few more — I don’t remember how many. Then we went out walking towards a home where a band was playing. I remember the lights looked brighter than anything I had ever seen — and more real. Then I got into a basement where some high school students were covering Metallica. We left after a few minutes and went to a Mexican place that sold two pound burritos. We ate Mexican food and enjoyed the evening.
  2. I remember trivia night at the bar. Finnegan, Robbie, and I sat at a sports bar answering trivia questions, eating burgers, and drinking liquor. We hung out and chatted and tried to live our lives, for good or for ill. Sports bars had basketball or football on the television, and we loved to watch that.
  3. I remember drinking in Vegas. Las Vegas is the best — and worst — fun place in existence. We went to Vegas — I don’t remember why. Finnegan, Robbie, Bobbie, and Richie were all there. We gambled at slots and at craps tables, winning some and losing more. Finnegan’s first wife was there and was amazed to have known me. We felt larger than life, wandering from casino to casino, having adventures.
  4. I cannot forget Sal. Drinking with Sal was fun. He would lie, cheat, and try to get laid with many beautiful people. We would drink ridiculous amounts of liquor and watch our beloved Chicago Bears try to win the Super Bowl.
  1. I remember when I finally decided to drink at home, alone, in the family home in Libertyville. I had been drinking on special occasions with friends and enjoying myself. I hadn’t ever drunk liquor alone in my home. I sat around, drinking hard liquor with a chaser. I remember goofing off and doing very little until 4 pm when I decided it was reasonable to start drinking. I would go to the liquor store and buy mid-shelf liquor from an old Asian man who wouldn’t say anything to me — he would just sell me the liquor. I started to drink almost all the time, being sober a few hours in the daytime.
  2. I started to black out. I didn’t remember the second half of the evening after a while. I didn’t worry too much about this at first, but it turns out I sometimes threw up in the bathroom or fell asleep at the bar. Finnegan would have to get me out of trouble with the bouncers on a regular basis. Sal started to tell me disturbing stories, stories of me wandering off or getting confused. I lost my way.
  3. Richie and I thought it would be funny — very funny — to drink before soccer instead of after soccer. We drank Wild Turkey because The Punisher drank it in a movie that we liked. Richie got to soccer and broke his ankle almost immediately. I don’t know why we decided to do something that fucking stupid but we did.
  4. I remember at college we drank way too fucking much. We got wasted beyond comprehension, me, Horse, and Gilbert and our friend Freddard. Freddard was collapsed, sleeping, and clearly couldn’t function. We tried to drag him to a hospital but couldn’t get him farther than just outside the apartment. We called 911 just in case. A police officer showed up and arrested Freddard for public intoxication, not helping him at all, just arresting him. We caused Freddard a lot of pain that night.




Dalton Lewis wrote a sci-fi novel about teen supers.

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Daniel Trump

Daniel Trump

Dalton Lewis wrote a sci-fi novel about teen supers.

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