Control: That Slow Descent…

I, Dalton Lewis, had a wargaming tournament to play. I started the day excited. This was my first tournament in nine months! I woke up early after having a full night’s sleep and made it to the train station to meet Philip. I showed up with my wargaming miniatures that I had laboriously put together and painted. I rode there with Philip and the ride took an hour. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts first, and I ate a coffee cake muffin and drank some diet soda. We talked as we went about how rusty we were at 40k and the state of our writing careers. Philip got a gig as a cinematographer of a feature film, a good get for him at this point in his filmmaking career. I was about to spend six months writing the great American novel.

We drove along the highway, only going in the wrong direction for one five minute span of time. We listened to Eminem and Philip knew most of the lines to some of the songs. He insisted that he didn’t know how to win at 9th edition, and I insisted that I was in a similar situation. I didn’t know if I would win any games or have any chance with the army that I had put together. I had made a crucial mistake: I hadn’t put on my vulkite culverins beforehand. I used lascannons instead, thinking that they would be better. I was stupid. I faced many 3++ and 4++ and had no chance against those invulnerable saves. I didn’t plan for that.

We made it around noon for the event — which started at 12:30. My first opponent was a Custodes player who forgot his measuring tape. I let him borrow an extra one that I had. He had slow melee units that were very hard to kill — as did I. He used cover very well to prevent me from shooting at him during the first few turns of the game. I wasn’t able to do very much damage to him during the game.

He attacked my tanks and dreadnoughts with his melee guys and did some damage to them. He sat on the middle objectives and prevented me from deep striking anywhere near the objectives with my terminators. I had no way to get to the middle of the board with my big-damaging vehicles that sat on my side of the board. I sat there, slowly losing.

I gave up and hurried through the rest of the game to go to lunch with Philip at Jimmy Johns. We couldn’t find the place at first but wandered through the strip mall and found it. We walked inside and I ordered a roast beef sub and a large drink — no chips or cookie because I was eating well. I ate the sub, and Philip talked about his game. He had lost to one of the area’s best players by a narrow margin and lost 500 points of his army very quickly. I had suffered a similar fate.

We then went back to the gaming store and played game two. In game two I played against a necron opponent who had wraiths and scarabs for a turn one charge. I didn’t like that at all. I went second for the second straight game. What a surprise! My opponent had a turn one charge and locked up my tanks turn two. I couldn’t do anything about his melee attacks. My terminators did pretty well in melee but nothing else did much to my opponent’s forces. I lost badly and felt that my forces had zero chance of harming my opponent’s forces. Philip walked up to me after an hour.

“I’m leaving right now for Arlington Heights,” he said.

“Can you drive me there?” I asked. “It would be a cheaper Uber ride, I think.”

“Sure, if we go now,” he said.

I turned to my opponent. “Give yourself max,” I said.

He nodded.

I walked out of the gaming store, having lost two games by a wide margin. I didn’t like my army. It didn’t have many shots for a shooting army or many melee attacks for a melee army. It survived all right but not great. It didn’t fit my play style at all. I didn’t want to continue to play death guard any more.

Philip drove me thirty minutes farther north which made the Uber drive shorter but no less expensive. He left me at a gas station to wait for my Uber. I bought a package of donuts and a soda and sat on some firewood in front of the gas station, waiting twenty minutes for my ride, just watching people enter and leave the gas station, buying their snacks and sodas and then leaving. After twenty minutes my ride arrived.

I made it home after another half an hour drive. I made it home and decided that I would change things up for a bit. I wouldn’t play the same thing over and over. I would learn from my mistakes.

I then slept for fourteen hours. I then stayed awake for twelve or so hours and then slept for fourteen more hours. I crashed hard.

What’s next? I might try the thousand sons, a different kind of chaos army. They cast lots of spells and have lots of tricks. I want to try something different. I also will look at how to write a better quality of blog. Overall, though, I lost badly at the tournament. I’ll try harder next time.

Thanks, and take care, friends.


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